Argentine Program: How to Get a $150,000 Bonus and Who Can Access It

Argentine Program: How to Get a $150,000 Bonus and Who Can Access It


Secretaries of Industry and Production Development and Knowledge Economy increased the amount provided for the purchase of a computer for those who participate in the initiative Program in Argentinadesigned to train programmers.


Thanks to Joint Resolution 1/2022, published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette, those studying the second phase Argentine programme (referred to as #YoProgramo), may request a new fee to purchase a computer.

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According to them, a brand update that applicants can already request. A debit card through which they will receive $150,000 “instead of the $100,000 that was previously provided in the form of non-refundable contributions (NRA)” purchase a computer in models available in the BNA Store.

The update of the amount applies both to applications made from today, and to those who received the card earlier and did not buy a computer.

Amounts not used to purchase a computer in the amount of $ 150,000 can be used to pay for communication services and public transport through the SUBE network.

As an additional fact, card applicants should not be taken into account with formal work in connection with dependency or earning an income of more than two times the minimum wage.

Program in Argentina (#YoProgramo) Offers $ 150,000 buy a computer.

ARGENTINA PROGRAM: what is and how to get access

It is a two-phase programming and computational thinking curriculum with access to digital professions developed by the Chamber of Argentine Software Industry (Cessi).

Likewise Program in Argentina It seeks to articulate the needs of the market with the training of more people in technology, creating added value for traditional and non-traditional industrial sectors.

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At the end of August, the training plan was relaunched, which aims to train 70,000 people in the basic knowledge of the software development program, a market for broad national and international demand for labor with an average salary of $267,000.

To apply for it, you must fill out a registration form through the Remote Trmites (TAD) system available at, and then the Deputy Minister for Knowledge Economy will evaluate the application.

The First module of the course (#SProgramar) It focuses on the basic basics of programming, while on Second level (#YoProgramo) participants will be able to deepen their knowledge and become junior Full Stack web programmers, focusing on languages such as Java, Python and PHP, as well as areas such as games and testing.

Both courses are jointly certified by the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing Development and the Argentine Chamber of Software Industry (Cessi), and the certification of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) joins the second stage.

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