Delete objects from photos and access from the external screen, functions of Galaxy smartphones – Samsung Newsroom South Africa

Delete objects from photos and access from the external screen, functions of Galaxy smartphones – Samsung Newsroom South Africa

From shortcuts to an external screen, advanced photo editing to creating interesting content for your social media.


When purchasing a smartphone, we rarely take the time to learn the differential and advanced features that a device has, and we limit ourselves to giving it traditional use, either because it covers our needs or because we don’t have the time to discover them.


Samsung’s new smartphones are equipped with tools that make our lives easier and save time by not downloading other apps that perform a specific task. Therefore, we will tell you some tricks to make using your mobile device more efficient.

Small but powerful screen

On the Galaxy Z Flip4, you can make calls from an external screen. Just double-tap the external screen, add a contact widget where you can include up to 3 numbers as favorites, and you can call your contacts without opening the phone.

In addition, from its small screen, you can access with the folded phone, to activate the camera using the Quick Shot function. To do this, double-click the side button (power) and the main camera of the device will be activated using the external screen as a viewfinder, where you can adjust your preferred photo, video or portrait mode and configure it to capture this ideal moment. In addition, you can use volume keys, gestures such as show palm, voice commands to take a picture.

And if you need to quickly save important information, you can take a screenshot from an external screen. To take a picture of the screen, you just need to press the power button and the top volume button.

Shortcuts for easy access

The trick of quick access to the notification bar can be found in the new Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4. In this panel, you can count on useful features such as Power Saver, View Saver, Do Not Disturb, and also you can find all the connections available on your smartphone. Just swipe down from the top of the screen and you’ll be able to enjoy all the shortcuts.

Continuing the camera section, in the Galaxy Z Fold4, Z Flip4 and S22 we can create GIFs instead of static images or long videos. From the camera app settings, you can configure that by sliding the shutter down and holding the tap, you can create a funny GIF moment to share with friends, and why not, then turn it into a sticker.

If you have photos or videos and want to convert them into other content to share on your networks, you can do so by selecting images in the gallery, clicking 3 dots, creating and choosing between creating a reel with the best parts of the video, creating a GIF or collage.

Another tool that these devices have is an extended edition of photos with a reflection and eraser of shadows or an eraser of an object. These functions are found when viewing a photo you’ve taken, clicking on the editing pen, and tapping the 3 vertical dots of additional options. In them, you’ll find an “object eraser” where you can select the detail that came out in the photo and you don’t want it to stay, or eliminate that shadow or reflection that damages the moment.

Galaxy Z Fold4 Multitasking

And if you’re having trouble activating the multitasking feature on your Galaxy Z, you can skip to the advanced settings features, Labs, and you can activate the multi-window for all the apps you have on your device, even those that aren’t optimized for that feature; For full-screen split-screen mode, swipe over the top corner to turn an app into a pop-up window, or even swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open 3 apps in multiple windows.

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