Easy video stabilization with Android

Easy video stabilization with Android


Video recording from mobile devices tends to be quite unstable. The most common is that it generates a blurry effect as a result of the inevitable camera movements. Turning to a stabilization technique can be a good alternative to mitigating this type of effect when clips are recorded in uncontrollable situations, such as while walking. How to fix the shaky effect?


Below we will share with you a selection of tips to enjoy stabilized videos in a smartphone with the Android operating system. However, if you’re editing inside a PC or Mac, the fun part is resorting to downloadable apps to stabilize the video. trim MP4 videos or add other types of effects.


Your phone already has an OIS stabilizer or software

On the market, you can find models that integrate optical stabilizers into the sensors of their cameras. In this case, the method of stabilization is applied from mechanical resources and is called OIS. The results obtained with its help are the most effective, although, this technology is not present in all devices. In any case, in the absence of an OIS system, many manufacturers decide to bet on software methodologies. In both cases, the effect is applied automatically, so in principle, you should not do anything. In general, smartphones that have optical or digital stabilization systems provide better results. They run in the background, so they are applied instantly without user intervention.

Does your smartphone not have an optical stabilizer?

In this case, it is best to resort to some additional applications to fill this gap. Most of them have fairly simple processes, so the results are eventually visible almost instantly.

Although in the app stores we can find a wide variety of options, we will talk about one of the most popular and available on the market: Google Photos.

Stabilization video from android mobile phone in Google Photos

Chances are you don’t even need to download it because it’s usually installed by default on smartphones that have the Android operating system. First, you have to find the video you want to stabilize by clicking on it in the gallery.

The next step is to click on the Edit button and select the stabilization option to start the correction process. This will take a short time, and once the final result is complete, it will be saved to your gallery and synced with the rest of your devices.

Consider getting a gimbal

You may not get the results you expect with any of the apps if your video is too blurry. In this case, perhaps the best alternative is to purchase a gimbal or external mechanical lever that locks the device, keeping it stable regardless of the position in which it is held while recording. In general, they usually have various electrical and mechanical components to ensure the greatest stability of the device and thus contribute to the recording of high quality video.

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