public complaint about the price of NVIDIA RTX 4090

public complaint about the price of NVIDIA RTX 4090


Reconstructing a phrase we laid out in another RTX 4090 article, perhaps it was the card that gave more reason to talk in terms of its price, and less in its performance. The problem is still relevant and may be even worse than at first glance, to the point that GIGABYTE has filed a public complaint about the price of its own RTX 4090. What happens in order to The manufacturer complains about its own prices?


Well, curiously, she doesn’t complain about the prices she’s had to put on her cards already in stores, but publicly complains that she’s “completely unhappy” with the observed price increases and wonders how things are managed.

GIGABYTE and its public complaint, was EVGA right?


Well, although they may seem like different cases, one of the points of the Germans was precisely the issue of prices and limitations of NVIDIA. Last week, prices were close to MSRP, which was fixed, in this case, GIGABYTE, that is, Just under €2,000 per shift, but the fact is that after 7 days the prices begin to grow very quickly and senselessly.

GIGABYTE claims the following in its Instagram statement from AORUS Benelux team:

As GIGABYTE/AORUS Benelux, we would like to make a public statement about the price explosion we saw at the launch of the GeForce RTX4090.

Together with our partners and all our colleagues at GIGABYTE/AORUS, we have worked hard to provide the PC gaming community with the latest and greatest products at a decent price and sufficient stock. As proud employees of this company that makes video cards, as well as unconditional gaming and hardware nerds, we should not talk about this price increase and this is also not what we represent.

Cooperation with our Distributors & Resellers goes even further to make sure that can no longer happen. This, of course, applies to both current GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards and future products that will be released.

AORUS Benelux Team

Logically, the discomfort of GIGABYTE is obvious, but where exactly do they focus the complaint?

Megekko’s website appears to be under criticism

We have already commented in another article that the stock of RTX 4090 was 5 times higher than RTX 3090which is fine, but you should also keep in mind that the number of units of the second was not incredible.

Thus, GIGABYTE seems to be repeating the situation that exists on websites such as Megacco, which at the moment is the only store that has enough stock of RTX 4090. But this is not the main thing, but the prices at which your video cards cost. GIGABYTE’s public complaint boils down to the fact that prices are hundreds of euros higher since the launch of video cards, and this is done not only with this mark, but also almost with any model available in stock.

There are more stores that copy this according to sources such as Brabant, while others, such as Alternate or Azerty They had lower prices until stocks ran out. So, if GIGABYTE hasn’t raised prices, but prices are rising in percentage terms, who is to blame? Well, it seems that Some stores want to make August and there will be covert criticism of GIGABYTE’s statement.

The brand also writes that it wants to expand cooperation with Distributors & Resellersis this the first indirect warning as a wake-up call for those causing this situation? Well, maybe we know that the brand has well marked stores that play to charge too high prices. Perhaps one method of verification would be Assign fewer units for them and more for those who respect margins and prices, because according to GIGABYTE itself there are obvious profits for stores.

Director of Megekko responded to criticism

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G - ARGB Lighting

The store, Adri Broos, responded through its director as follows:

“Like GIGABYTE, we want the best. for computer enthusiasts and gamers,” Broos writes, “not only at launches, but throughout the year,” he says. “When the RTX 4090 was launched, we saw that they hit it. More than 500 graphics cards in baskets in 90 secondswhile we had less than 200 available. Current situation nit brings no benefit to our industry.”

Not a word about the fact that the prices in your store are much higher than they should be. Perhaps manufacturers should take much tougher measures and maybe just start selling their models through their websites. leaving some stores without a warehouse and to reward those who abide by the established and do not seek undue benefit through the wishes of the few. Let’s see how it all ends, because at first it was an EVGA cable pickup and goodbye, now GIGABYTE gives a public complaint about the RTX 4090 … The following will surely surprise us.

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