Save your laptop from the rain with these waterproof backpacks

Save your laptop from the rain with these waterproof backpacks


Carrying a laptop on your back is something many professionals do, but it’s much more comfortable to do it in a backpack than in carry-on luggage. At the same time, it is safer, as it is more difficult to steal it. The problem is when it rains, as it can be harmful. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a student, we have chosen the choice Waterproof backpacks This way, you can take your laptop anywhere, even when it’s raining.


Gone are the days when the tolerability of the system was reduced to a few hours and systems with enough weight to destroy our back or do strength exercises. Today, we have a collection of ultra-light and lightweight laptops that many mobile users use in their work, moving geographically. It’s also possible that you have a gaming laptop that you want to take with you to a rustic home or beach. Either way, you won’t want to get wet.

Why Use Waterproof Backpacks?

Waterproof backpacks They are indispensable if you are going to transport your laptopIf you are going to wear one of them for life, then what you should do is start not to do so, since they are not ready to carry one of these devices with them, but rather books and clothes. We recommend using waterproof backpacks for two reasons:

  • Firstly Protection against water and moisture, which is its main function. The way they get water not to penetrate is through the water-repellent materials they use in their production.
  • The second has to do with the fact that they have cSpecial conditions Where to leave not only the computer, but also others for the charger, peripherals. Not only do they give them resistance to water, but they also make our entire computer look good. Soft padding against bumps.

So, overall, its price is usually somewhat higher than that of a regular backpack, but as we said earlier, a waterproof backpack is essential for carrying your laptop on the back, just for the extra protection they bring to our teams.

What are the best waterproof backpacks?

We made a quick selection of backpacks with water-repellent capabilities that attracted everyone’s attention the most, in particular, we chose a series of different models designed for different applications and users.

SOLOAD Backpack for 17-inch Laptops

The first model is a soLOAD backpack that allows you to put inside Laptops up to 17 inchesIdeal for people who use high-performance laptops, both for gaming and as workstations. It is a backpack with durable materials, easy to clean and, as you can see, well organized inside to accommodate different parts. Its peculiarity? We can put inside a PowerBank or other type of portable battery and charge the ditto of our computer or other devices while we carry it with us. It’s not a mandatory addition, but it’s appreciated.

SOLOAD Waterproof Backpacks

Lenovo Legion II Armored Backpack

Lenovo not only makes good laptops, but also waterproof backpacks to carry them. This model is more expensive than the previous one, although not worse, since in the same way we can transport Laptops with screens up to 17.3 inches and have compartments for headphones, keyboard and mouse. As such, it’s the perfect model for video game fans and especially for esports professionals.

Lenovo Legion Water Repellent Backpack

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